No Man’s Sky adds impressive Frontiers Update

Update 3.6 of the massive space adventure game No Man’s Sky from Hello Games is out now on PC and console and contains a set of new features focused on Settlements.

The blog description for Frontiers is below;

Become Overseer of your very own procedurally generated alien settlement in update 3.6, FRONTIERS. Make choices, guide your citizens, develop new structures and defend your people from the Sentinels. Or, take advantage of a massive overhaul of base building to construct your own dream base.

Players can find new procedurally generated settlements on inhabited planets across the universe and decide to settle down, becoming a sort of space sheriff if they want to. These towns can be expanded and protected as well as helping to grow the population and settle disputes.

This is another huge new impressive free update from the Hello Games team, at this rate I’m wondering if their overall plan is to make No Man’s Sky bigger than real life. Even now you can lose yourself in its universe for days.

More details can be found in the official No Man’s Sky Patch Notes.

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