Elite Dangerous: Arena for PC launches today

Frontier’s Elite Dangerous: Arena, a standalone pvp space battle game set in the Elite Dangerous world, launches today on PC.

If you already play Elite Dangerous then you may be familiar with the area ‘CQC’. The Arena is already part of the main game, so there’s no need to buy this add-on. Existing players can even play against the new Arena players from Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons.

Arena is available to those who don’t already own the PC version of Elite: Dangerous for just $7.49/£4.99.

Elite Dangerous: Arena brings Elite Dangerous’ Close Quarter Combat (CQC) PVP game to players as a standalone release, featuring full cross-compatibility with the large and growing Elite Dangerous player community.

CQC is the ultimate 34th century gladiatorial contest between starship pilots, featuring:

  • ​Four agile, combat-honed space ships. Choose from the fast and aggressive Federal and Imperial Fighters, the damage-dealing Eagle or the heavyweight Sidewinder.
  • Multiple tactical options with custom loadouts unlocked by ranking up.
  • Four Arenas: Elevate’s towering view, Cluster Compound’s mining facility, Asteria Point’s cavernous space station and Ice Field’s frozen asteroid belt.
  • Eight-player Free for All, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes.
  • Realistic, agile starship handling powered by Elite Dangerous’ advanced simulation technology.

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