Elite Dangerous: Arena free this weekend on PC

Frontier Developments has made the PC version of Elite Dangerous: Arena free on Steam and FrontierStore.net until 6PM BST on Monday June 11.

Elite Dangerous: Arena thrusts Xbox One players into first-person dogfights against the galaxy’s greatest pilots in the ultimate 34th century gladiatorial contest, featuring:


  • Four agile, combat-honed space ships. Choose from the fast and aggressive Federal and Imperial Fighters, the damage-dealing Eagle or the heavyweight Sidewinder.
  • Multiple tactical options with custom loadouts unlocked by ranking up.
  • Four Arenas: Elevate’s towering view, Cluster Compound’s mining facility, Asteria Point’s cavernous space station and Ice Field’s frozen asteroid belt.
  • Eight-player Free for All, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes.
  • Realistic, agile starship handling powered by Elite Dangerous’ advanced simulation technology.

Elite Dangerous: Arena will be completely free on Steam and the Frontier Store this weekend.

Players who download Elite Dangerous: Arena between now and 6PM BST on Monday June 11 will receive the game for free, and will retain access to the game permanently.

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