Minecraft updated on Playstation and Xbox

Mojang have detailed the latest console update to their hit Minecraft game, including stained glass windows and customisable terrain.

The update, detailed on their blog, lists highlights from the new features available right now;

  • Offended by mountains and caverns? Worry not, strange crafter, because now you have the option to customise your super flat worlds so they’re only as vertical as you desire.
  • New blocks! Oak, Spruce, Birch, and Jungle wood types. Fences, Gates, and Doors! Create the log cabin of your dreams with 1.17/TU25/CU14 .
  • A heap of new game options! Change the game mode, difficulty, time, player spawn position, ambient cave sounds, and weather without leaving your game session. Very handy.
  • Classic crafting! Now console players get to craft items just like their PC buddies on Java Minecraft. Some players find this style of creation more satisfying. Check it out.
  • New stuff! Iron Trapdoors, Inverted Daylight Sensors, Book & Quills, and Stained Glass have arrived. Use them wisely, and for good, please.

The update also follows a free Minecon 2015 pack, containing capes for both Steve and Alex, which can be downloaded from Xbox Live or PSN before 15th July.

On 15th July, Playstation players get the chance to grab the LittleBigPlanet Mash-up Pack for £3.29, which features textures and character skins from Media Molecule’s series.


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