Sony give art print to Playstation Plus members for 5th Anniversary

Playstation fans who have subscribed to Playstation Plus since day 1 will be getting a special mail delivery from Sony.

An email yesterday to those who’ve subscribed to Playstation Plus since day 1, without a break in their subscription, will receive a special art print in the post that is personalised with their ‘achievements’.

While it’s a nice touch, it does seem to alienate many fans who either joined later or had even a day’s break in their service.  Hopefully Sony have something major planned for the Playstation Plus releases for everyone else to celebrate the anniversary.  The games have yet to be announced for July, though they have announced that European Plus members would get their games on the same day as US members, the first Tuesday of every month rather than the Wednesday.

The news was also posted on the European Playstation Blog.

PS Plus 5 years v4

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