New PS4 Pro model announced, dated and priced

Sony have announced their new Playstation console, the PS4 Pro, at a press conference today.

The console, previously only known as the Playstation Neo or PS4K, will be launched on November 10th for £359.

The new console is primarily aimed the ‘hardcore gamer’ and those who have invested in 4K TVs.

Mark Cerny

According to Mark Cerny, 4K is very much in the spotlight. “We’re asking the developers to support 4K” he explains, but the HDR side is an added bonus.  As the full specs haven’t yet been released. it’s difficult to say just what the Playstation 4 Pro is capable off in terms of bringing the current level of gameplay in 4K at acceptable frame rates.

Considering that the console is only 2 months away, we’re expecting to see these details emerge very soon,but the £359 price point does seem to dampen expectations unless Sony is making a huge loss on each console sold. That said, several of the third party developers who have been interviewed, post launch, have said their games will be in higher resolutions.

The Dualshock controller has also been updated with a redesign of the lightbar functionality and other enhancements.

Ubisoft have been discussing the effects of the ps4-pro-controllerexpanded hardware with Watchdogs 2 and how it looks so much nearer to their original vision for the game.

Watchdogs 2 will be available in 4K on PS4 Pro and, like all other Playstation 4 games, will only require one disc or download for both the Pro and the standard console, making it easier for players to move consoles without having to buy their games again.


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