OhShape and Synth Riders collaborate on a Song and Contest

Two of the most remarkable VR rhythm games of the moment join forces to offer free content and a Duo Pack on the Oculus Quest Store with a 30% discount.

In an unprecedented move inside VR rhythm games, OhShape and Synth Riders have made a collaboration whereby both games feature a new content update with the map Delight by Jamie Berry, an electro swing hit that will get you moving through walls and retro futuristic landscapes. The Odderslab and Kluge Interactive teams have been working side by side to get fun and nice looking maps that flow smoothly in both games. Take a sneak peek at this map in our trailer:

Despite being part of the same genre, OhShape and Synth Riders are quite different and they feel complementary to each other. OhShape is known for its wall shapes where players have to move at frantic speeds to make different and fun poses, while Synth Riders is a game with an unique rail system inside the rhythm games and a crisp retrowave aesthetic and music style.

To celebrate this collaboration, OhShape and Synth Riders will be featured on a Duo Pack on the Oculus Store with a 30% discount for a limited time. Besides this bundle, the communities of both games are also featuring the “Collab Delight”, a contest inviting players from both communities to compete with their highest scores in the new song. The winners of “Collab Delight” will be announced during the special co-developer stream on June 30th, 2020.

Here is the link to join the contest

This collaboration goes beyond one song featured on both games. This is a nice and rewarding experience for both development studios who are already thinking of more ideas for the future. These are the impressions from Arturo Pérez, CEO at Kluge Interactive and Synth Riders:

“We think this collaboration is the beginning of a great way to explore synergies between our games and our communities, and it’s been great to tag team it with our friends at OhShape. We are always looking to push the boundaries of the VR rhythm genre and are proud to be the first to bring a collaborative approach to our updates.”.

Talking about the same topic, Jaime Pichardo, Business Manager at Odderslab, talks about his excitement for this new collaboration:

“When we discussed the idea with our pals at Synth Riders, we immediately knew we would be able to come up with something special. The fact this was never approached this way in the VR rhythm game space, we just jumped on it to pilot what will hopefully become the standard of the collaboration between VR titles. What’s even more exciting… this is just a small part of the ideas we’ve started cooking together to get the most for our players”.

You can find the double pack on the Oculus Store.

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