PS4 has now over 25.3m sales worldwide

Sony are celebrating another great quarter of Playstation 4 sales, bringing their total sales to over 25 million.

The increase has been boosted by 3m Playstation 4 consoles being sold during the quarter. This has also helped their operating income, which has now increased to $160m for the Playstation division.

With their mobile and TV sales not doing so well, Sony are relying on good sales from Playstation and their music division, both of which are doing well enough to land them with a large operating income overall.

Microsoft are not sharing their sales, though, so it’s hard to make comparisons between the consoles. ¬†From previous results it’s fair to say that they’re still playing catchup, though sales of the Xbox One are still very strong and both console manufacturers are making a fair profit from their respective machines.

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