Wii U sales pass 10 million

Nintendo’s latest figures show that the Wii U has now finally past the 10 million mark worldwide as of June 2015.

The system has been given a boost by Splatoon, which has sold over 1.62 million units, and by games like Mario Kart that remain popular.

In the meantime, the 3DS is topping 53 million units sold in all its forms, with around 4 million of that coming from the New 3DS and New 3DS XL.

It must be something of a relief for the company, who are seen as struggling with their home console business after the Wii U failed to sell in significant numbers on release and has lagged well behind its rivals ever since.  That said, Nintendo never seem to be in the same race as other consoles and prefer to do things their own way.  Their previously announced NX console seems set to continue this approach, though little is known about it at this moment.

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