Review: Audiotrip

Not just another rhythm action Oculus Quest game, Audiotrip approaches things from a different angle and succeeds in being something special.

My first 30 minutes in Kinemotik Studios’ Audiotrip was spent figuring out exactly how to move each of my limbs to the positions required to complete each song. While games like Beat Saber require some degree of movement, this game encourages getting your whole body moving by placing its markers further apart so stretching up and down takes precedence over waving your arms frantically.

The tutorial is pretty short and gives you the basics but the best way to learn how to play properly is to follow the optional choreography model who guides you through the songs. It’s not that the game is fast or requires good reactions as much as other rhythm action games but it does require a lot of co-ordination of limbs. Practice will, however, make a huge difference. Audiotrip is a game that you’ll need to stick at to make it through to the harder difficulties.

Any game of this type lives or die on its music and I’m pleased to say that Audiotrip has a good mix of pieces that you’ll recognise and which fit the game perfectly, with more promised soon in a future update. Lady Gaga, Tiësto and other artists provide some top tracks to stretch out to and let your body move to the rhythm. While you can’t import your own music, you can choose to play a long or short version of each song.

Being a game that focuses on Choreography, it’s good to see that Audiotrip has a special mode for creating your own routines to the music in the game. Choreographer mode lets you set up new dances in VR to the music and it’s pretty intuitive. This is actually the same tool that the developers used, so it gives you full access to create your own levels.

With more updates and features planned, Audiotrip is an excellent addition to the rhythm action genre on Oculus headsets and deserves a look for those who want a bit more freedom of expression from their VR dance games.






  • Full body movement encouraged
  • Make your own choreography
  • Fully licenced famous music tracks


  • Could do with more music
  • Difficult to get to grips with at first

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