Horizon Chase Celebrates Developers Hometown with New FREE Update

Brazilian developer Aquiris has announced that Horizon Chase will celebrate its origins with the Devs’ Hometown Update, available today on all home consoles and mobile devices.

After completing a long and joyful World Tour, the race reaches the lovely city of Porto Alegre, the developers hometown.

In this special celebration, the Free Update includes 2 new tracks which take place in the city of Porto Alegre and 1 additional car, Minuano, with 6 skins. In Horizon Chase Turbo, all skins will be available at launch, while Horizon Chase World Tour will gradually receive them in future updates.

The new car, Minuano, is inspired by a nostalgic model designed and produced in Porto Alegre in the ’80s. Furthermore, the Update offers two additional tracks: Guaíba Sunset and Nightfall in Porto Alegre, full of references to real landmarks of our hometown.

Devs Hometown is a Free Update available to download right now on Horizon Chase Turbo (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam) and Horizon Chase World Tour (Android/iOS). It is the first time in the history of the franchise that such an important Update is made available at the same time for both home consoles and mobile devices.

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