REVIEW: BenQ SW320 UHD Wide Gamut Monitor

The BenQ SW320 UHD Wide Gamut Monitor is the latest in BenQ’s line of monitors created for artists and designers, though that doesn’t mean it should be excluded from anyone else’s list.

The 4K UHD (31.5 Inch screen with 3840 x 2160 resolution)  display at the price range is enough to raise interest from those looking for a new PC monitor in general and with a wide colour gaumet as well you’ll certainly get a great looking picture from it.

As usual with BenQ, the build quality is great and the monitor comes in a pretty hefty box that also contains the large, sturdy stand plus shields that go around the sides and top to prevent glare when focusing on the screen.

The base also has space for a small puck device that gives you quick access to the screen settings, something that comes in handy when you don’t want to mess around with the fiddly small buttons on the monitor itself.  The 0.6″ bezel around the outside isn’t as thin as the 27″ model, the SW271, which is a shame, but it is matt so doesn’t distract you from the screen.

The buttons sit along the right side at the bottom of the screen, they’re not really my favourite design, small and square, but at least they are accessible.

The bulk of the device is also not to be underestimated, this monitor is heavy on its own but the base adds even more weight.  If you’re looking for something that sits on one desk all the time then this shouldn’t bother you, just don’t expect to lug it around too many times.

For input we have a HDMI 2.0 plus a DisplayPort 1.4 and a Mini DisplayPort 1.4.   While it’s not the most populated range of inputs we could have hoped for, it matches the needs of the device well enough.

But it’s the screen that is ultimately the star here.  The Wide Colour Gaumet provides 99% AdobeRGB accuracy and 100% sRGB. It’s also HDR 10 compatible and watching UHD movies on this through an Xbox One X you can see how stunning this is.  For those looking to use the monitor for art and design work, this BenQ is amazing.  Coupled with the 180 degree movement of the screen to allow it to move to a portrait mode and the screen shields this would be a perfect choice for those looking to get a decent art monitor on a budget.

Would I recommend it for gaming?  Well the 5ms input lag does mean it’s not quite as good as other gaming monitors (most of these we’d recommend 1ms or 2ms at most) but if you take into account that most TVs are at least 13ms in gaming mode, it’s still a good option for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, though the lack of an extra HDMI port would put us off using it for more than one console.



BenQ SW320 UHD Wide Gamut Monitor





  • Colours look amazing
  • Useful screen shields included
  • Good design


  • Very heavy
  • large bezels

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2 Thoughts to “REVIEW: BenQ SW320 UHD Wide Gamut Monitor”

  1. Alexandra

    Well, the SW320 is not a gaming monitor, it’s a Photographer’s monitor. Check out their Zowie range for gaming 😉

    1. Paul Byron

      Thanks for your comment. I always like to provide some information on how this could be used for gaming as many people will want a monitor that can do different jobs.

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