Samsung Galaxy S21 Series launches today

Samsung’s three flagship phones, The Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra launch today, finding their way into pockets around the world.

Perhaps realising the need for a slight change of tactics, the main S21 is a cheaper model than usual, cutting a few corners to make it a little more affordable in the current financial climate. Those who got their pre-orders in before today should also have a pair of Galaxy Buds Live though it looks as though some carriers, like EE, are continuing to provide the offer after today.

The models give you varying screen size and power options as well as an improved camera in return for more of your hard earned money. The Galaxy S21 is the smallest with its 6.2 inch screen, followed by the Plus with a 6.7 inch screen and the Ultra with a slightly bigger 6.8 inch screen. The Ultra is the only model to feature Quad HD resolution. All three feature a 120Hz display.

The camera in both the S21 and S21 Plus is the same, with an impressive 64Mp Telephoto lens and a Wide Angle and Ultra Wide Angle 12Mp camera. The Ultra model provides 2 10MP Telephoto lenses and bumps the Wide Angle lens to 108Mp. It’s pretty clear which model you should go for if you want a phone that can take the best pictures.

The other advantage that the bigger S21 Ultra phone has is that it now supports the S-Pen, just like the previous Galaxy Note models. This is sold separately, though, and there’s sadly no slot inside the phone to hold the pen, though Samsung do have a phone case that has a space for it.

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