Review: Genesis Gaming Gear; Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse and Headset

Polish brand Genesis have been in the PC peripheral market since 2011, providing mice, keyboards, headsets and more at an affordable price.  We take a look at their latest offerings below.

Genesis RX85 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

There are several models of the RX85, one has an RGB keyboard and one has just a white backlight. It’s the latter that we’ll be looking at today.  This is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches, the favoured kind for gamers due to their smooth nature and quicker reaction to keypresses.  These particular switches have a 50 million click guarantee.


The red outline in plastic makes the keyboard stand out while the black interior design resembles brushed metal.  Because this is mostly plastic, the keyboard is also light and easy to move around.  There’s a nice braided wire which looks like it can handle a lot of movement.  An arm rest comes in the packaging and can be magnetically attached to the front of the keyboard should you need it.

The keys are comfortable to type on and have a good response time in practice without making too much noise.  It’s a full-size keyboard with a good numberpad, though it lacks media buttons, replacing them with icons on the keys themselves to use with macro functions.  The only negatives regarding keys is that they’re bunched up a little closer than I’d like, especially the numberpad, and the writing is a little hard to make out on some keys when the backlight is on.  Lastly, there’s a couple of special keys on the top right for controlling the lighting and a dial for volume which can be also used to quickly mute sound with a press.

Lighting, although purely white, has a range of effects that can be controlled by the settings key.  These range from a water style effect when a key is pressed to various wave effects, fully lit or patterns.  This resets itself each time the computer is turned on, though.  The app for the keyboard wasn’t available to test at time of writing but I’ll update this when it becomes available.

Generally, though, the RX85 is a nice keyboard to type and game on with some good response times and a full set of keys.


Krypton 800 Mouse and Carbon 500 maxi flash mat

The Genesis gaming mouse is designed to be ergonomic with rubberised insets on both sides in order to obtain a good grip with the thumb and fingers.  It has 2 buttons on each side plus 2 more on top behind a clickable scroll wheel plus indented standard buttons.  The 10 buttons and wheel all feel responsive.


The mouse comes with RGB backlighting which can be controlled within the app for the mouse, alongside macros and DPI settings.  The lighting is emitted from the sides and the logo and produces a nicely understated effect on the mat as well as the mouse itself.  The maximum DPI is 10,200 which is lower than some (many top end gaming mice have around 16,000dpi) but still sensitive enough for most people to game with.  Unlike the keyboard there is built in memory in order to remember settings.

After using this mouse for a week I was happy that it could do the job well enough in shooters and was comfortable to use for work tasks as well.

The mat is made from good quality cloth and the maxi size is designed to cover the whole desk, allowing for your keyboard and other items to retain a good grip in addition to the mouse being able to glide freely around on the mat.  The pattern won’t be to everyone’s taste but, as you can see from the images, matches the set well.

You can buy the Krypton 800 Mouse at Amazon and here at Lime Pro Gaming


Radon 720 Gaming Headset

The Genesys Radon 720 headset is one of the many virtual 5.1 surround sets available right now.  It eschews a full extendable boom mic for a smaller low visibility one on the front of the right earcup.  Even so, it proved to be equally clear when in use without the bother of having to move it around but did pick up slightly more background noise at the same time.

The aesthetics of the Radon 720 match the other peripherals with that heart-shaped Genesis logo lighting up alongside the outer ear cup.  The red backlighting is brighter and slightly more orange than expected but looks nice and provides a unique styling to the headset.  The ear cups are well padded and comfortable even after an hour or two of gaming.  They’re not fully able to muffle all outside noise but do a fairly good job,

Sound quality is good but not spectacular.  That’s not to put this headset down, it still sounds really good with its 50mm speakers and 20-20,000Hz response rate, but while it has good bass and mid range, the higher frequency is a little hit and miss.  Still, the 7.1, though virtual, works surprisingly well and during a fast paced game actually felt more immersive than some of the other headsets I’ve tried in the past, especially for the low price point.

You can buy the The Radon 720 Headset  at Amazon and here at Lime Pro Gaming

Overall Impression

If you’re looking for a full set of gaming gear to go with a new PC or laptop then this Genesis gear works out as a great choice.  There are plenty of other options on their website and from various distributors including an RGB version of the keyboard plus headsets, keyboards and mice for the more budget conscious, though those above represent some of the best.  The headset feels and sounds far more expensive than it is and the keyboard and mouse are very responsive.

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