Review: Horizon Chase Senna Forever

There is good reason why Ayrton Senna is still considered one of the best racing drivers ever. He exemplified greatness both on and off the track and changed many elements of Formula One by his driving skills and experience. Horizon Chase seems like an odd fit at first until you realise the passion the team has for their hero and experience their tribute to the great man.

For those who haven’t played Horizon Chase before, it’s a tribute to arcade racers like Turbo Esprit and Outrun and you can feel many of its influences while playing. It’s a game I keep coming back to due to the sheer joy of just dipping in to a race. This Senna expansion feels both a natural continuation of the same absorbing arcade gameplay and a slightly more nuanced and technical racer.

The game is made up of sections that focus on the main points of Senna’s whole career, from the early 80s through to his wins with Lotus and McLaren. The action is Arcadey but also tasks you with choosing the right setup for the race and managing fuel (restocked by going through a power up style section of the track rather than dipping into the pits). It works exceedingly well, especially with overtaking being a more simple affair than something like the F1 sim games but giving you enough of a challenge to feel as if you’ve earned a win.

Multiplayer also follows the main game’s choice of split screen, where you will be able to race in cars from Senna’s F1 era against each other. It’s great fun and really extends the life and value of the expansion.

I can certainly recommend this to any racing fans who followed the great driver’s career through the classic period of F1 or even have a passing interest. The expansion builds on an already solid game to provide a tribute to Senna, a history lesson and a great fun experience in itself.

Horizon Chase Senna Forever





  • Great use of the engine to provide an accessible racer
  • Really revels in Senna’s achievements
  • Excellent balance of skill and accessibility
  • Stylised modern but retro graphics suit the era


  • Not as long or as in depth as a full game

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