Review: Just Dance 2022

It feels like an annual event in our house now, waiting for the next Just Dance game to arrive then trying out all the songs and modes.

This year there are fewer obvious changes to the menus, modes or UI here but once you start getting into the game you’ll appreciate the changes the Ubisoft team have made.

Just as with previous years, Just Dance 2022 features a whole bunch of songs from modern hits to family favourites and some rather obscure bops thrown in for good measure, It’s a great selection yet again, which should give its target audience plenty of choice to dance to.

The main change is that the choreography has been greatly enhanced, providing more of a coherent story to each song and even adding a few non-silhouetted dancers in the mix, too. It’s even easier to follow along and the motion controls have been tweaked to make them a bit more responsive this time around. Players only need one Joycon each for the game or they can use a mobile phone, which is pretty useful for when friends pop around. Out of the two control methods, the Joycons are far less hassle to set up, though, and I certainly recommend having a few pairs available for not just this but any other party game.

Just Dance Unlimited, the subscription service that ushers in hundreds of other songs to the game, is back and still as good value as ever. The only issue is that if you don’t choose to subscribe, the game has a nasty habit of reminding you of what you’re missing at every turn, including some rather bothersome advertising for it on the main menu. While I appreciate that Ubisoft want people to enjoy the full service and that there is a trial in each pack whether you buy this digitally or physically, they could really do with laying off the heavy handed sales tactics here.

Despite the Unlimited hard sell, Just Dance 2022’s new additions and the great song selection still makes this a solid purchase for anyone into their dancing. The updates on offer may not be ground breaking but they do make an already enjoyable game better.

Just Dance 2022





  • Much improved choreography
  • Good song selection
  • Excellent backgrounds and dancers


  • Just Dance Unlimited adverts are obtrusive

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