Review: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes:Universe In Peril

Lego games on iOS have been hit or miss, so I approached LEGO Marvel Super Heroes with some trepidation.

The game isn’t a straight-up port of the console release but instead uses the handheld (3DS and Vita) port as its inspiration.  A short playthough soon told me that this was actually a pretty smart move on Warner Bros, and developer TT Games, part.

Some may bemoan the missing features from the console version of the game, but the touchscreen experience is actually far better realised here with a much neater (albeit slimmed down) game that works well on smaller phone screens and iPads alike.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The game’s stages are smaller than their console counterparts and split into several chunks, with a boss battle rounding things off.  While this means that they are quicker to get through, they suit mobile gaming better than having to worry about where the next save point is as you prepare for the bus to stop.

The slimming down has had a slight affect on the story and I missed some of the story elements that have been cut from the console and PC game.  While this is necessary in some areas, I did notice some important plot points and character introductions were missed for no apparent reason.

That’s not to say that everything is slimmed down, though.  There are still a huge number of heroes and villains to pick from, unlocked as you make your way through each stage.  You can, however, unlock any of these early by using handy In App Payments, but they’re only there for those who just can’t wait to get their hands on their favourite Marvel heroes.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

There are several choices for controling the game.  First is a virtual control system that works well on iPads but seems a little fiddly on iPhone.  There are times when it didn’t register button presses, as well, though this could be down to my fat fingers!  Touch screen controls are a nice idea and work fairly well, but they’re also tricky in a fight and a little fiddly at times.

Overall, though, the mobile version of LEGO Marvel Super Heores is a great addition to the list of LEGO games on iOS and well worth playing for any Marvel fan.

  • Sound: 8
  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Longevity: 7
  • Score: 8


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