Review: Mini Motor Racing X

It looks like another Micro Machines wannabe at first, but don’t let the screenshots of the overhead sections fool you, Mini Motor Racing X has a few tricks up its sleeve.

The new racing game from The Binary Mill is a smart update to the micro racing genre which allows you to switch views from a more standard behind-the-car point to the Micro Machines-esque top down style and then to an in-the-car view. It’s an impressive feat that changes the game with each camera angle.

As you’d expect, the racing comes with a bunch of weapons included, though it’s a far cry from Mario Kart’s excellent arsenal. They aren’t used as much as is many of the other weapon-based racers as the tracks are so short that you don’t really get much time to make use of them, but it’s still good to have them there.

Enemy AI is impressively tough on higher difficulties but gives newer players plenty of chance to beat it on the easier settings, it’s always a good sign for a game like this when the developer takes time to ensure everyone can play, whether you fancy a challenge or just want to have some fun.

Cars can be unlocked as you progress and there are loads to choose from but they don’t feel all that different from one another in handling. They all look pretty well designed, though, as do the tracks, particularly in first person mode.

Multiplayer is catered for by several modes including the Type X’ battle mode that focuses on weapons and is also a single player option, plus a fun ball game that feels a lot like a budget Rocket League. There’s both 4 player split-screen and online to choose from, too.

So it might not set the world alight but Mini Motor Racing X is a solid fun racer with loads of modes and an impressive camera angle feature that is literally a game changer.

Mini Motor Racing X




  • Solid racing
  • Great use of different camera angles
  • Plenty of modes including multiplayer


  • Tracks are fairly short
  • Most car models handle the same

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