Review: Nomad Chargekey and Chargecard for iOS and Android

Hot on the heals of the MagiCable comes another innovative design for portable charging cables.

The Nomad Chargekey and Chargecard are devices designed to be carried around with minimum fuss, wherever you go.


Both devices come in well designed packaging which shows off just how thin and light the devices inside are.  Opening the card reveals more packaging and the tiny device inside, smaller than it seems possible for a charging cable to get.


There are four different options available; a lightning connector or a micro USB chargekey or Chargecard for iOS and Android.

The Chargekey is a tiny device about the same size as a standard house key and there’s a good reason for this.  The device is meant to be stored on a keyring with your keys.  As you’re unlikely to want to lose your house keys, it means that the charger will be always with you.

One end of the device holds the USB connector, but it’s a stripped back affair that allows the charger to be slim and flexible.  It does, however, leave the metal area exposed to scratches and scuffs, though our test models have survived well so far with no sign of wear.

The Chargecard is made out of the same black bendable plastic as the Chargekey, but is credit card shaped, perfect for keeping in your wallet.  The middle part holds the flexible USB connector which ‘snaps’ out to plug into a PC or charger while the lightning connector or Micro USB sticks out at the end.

Aside from charging, these devices are perfectly good at data transfer with both the mobile and the computer recognising the device and having no problem with data transfers.

Both devices are highly bendable and we’re concerned that they might have a little too much give in them, straining the cabling inside, but throughout our daily tests they’ve not shown any sign of breaking down.  They’re also unsuitable for wall chargers, short as they are, unless you fancy danging your device from the charger or propping it up against a wall.

Nomad have come up with an elegant solution to portable charging and syncing with their Chargekey and Chargecard that stops you from worrying about picking up untidy cables when you go away.  Next on their list is a more rugged ‘clip’ device which we’ll hope to test soon.

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