Review: The Cursed Ship

If you love G5’s recent Hidden Object games and you love supernatural stories then there’s really no point reading any further, just go and download The Cursed Ship now.

Still here?  Then I’ll elaborate.  This game follows the exact same format as the last few G5 games I’ve reviewed right here on this site.  There’s adventure with a point and click element, pieces to find which all fit into machines or mechanisms and loads of puzzles to solve.


The Cursed Ship

But first let’s talk about the story.  It starts out innocently enough, with your character asked to go and find out why a cruseliner went missing, but soon odd thing start to happen.  Once a mirror is introduced that lets you hop across parallel worlds, you know that you’re in supernatural territory and the game is not afraid to add even more strange elements as you progress.

While it remains short, the story is actually pretty engaging and keeps you hooked until the end.  The puzzles, too, are all well thought out if a little too reliant on the old tropes of the genre by now.  Expect sliding puzzles, jigsaws, puzzles with colours and more.

The Cursed Ship


If you’re not a fan of the Hidden Object Genre then The Cursed Ship won’t be the game to sway you, but the really well drawn scenery, interesting story and solid puzzle elements will certainly put a smile on the face of Hidden Object fans.

The Cursed Ship





  • Good storyline
  • Atmospheric graphics
  • Some fairly challenging puzzles


  • Not much deviation from the usual G5 puzzles
  • Fairly short

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