Review: NZXT C750 PSU

A few years back, NZXT teamed up with the highly regarded PSU manufacturer Seasonic to produce their E series PSU. They’re now back with a more affordable but equally solid C series.

While the E series PSUs were praised for their excellent power management and reporting features that used NZXT’s CAM software to keep a track of every bit of important information. The downside of this was the cost but now you can grab the well built C range that eschews the extra features in return for a much more affordable price point.

While it’s undoubtedly nice to be able to check those power indicators, the focus of the C range is on having a trustworthy and stable PSU that fits with the build, is quiet in operation and looks good. They’ve certainly managed the latter with a smooth 150mm x 150mm case and modular connections making this a good low profile addition to any NZXT case.

The PSU comes with a bag of pretty much every cable you’ll need for a modern build, from the old Molex leads to plenty of SATA and PCI cables. As it’s modular, you can streamline your build to only include what you need and remove the hassle of finding places to shove all the other cables. The Stata cables are a little shorter than some other designs I’ve used but they caused no issues in my build, even in a full size case. Although the manual notes not to swap cables with other brands, you could easily get a longer PSU to Sata cable if needed.

Installation was simple, as you’d expect from a modular unit. Connect what you need, pop the back bracket on and slide the PSU in to the case. There’s not much more to it.

On the back you’ll find the usual power switch and a button to provide a lower power mode for a noiseless fan. Even without this on, the fan is pretty quiet. It’s rated at 32.3dBA but I managed to test it at 31dBA at its lowest. It’s as near to silent as you’ll get for a 750W rated PSU at least.

The PSU runs smoothly, as you’d expect for a Gold Rated supply with Japanese components and Seasonic internals. It get a 92% efficiency in tests, the same as the E range, unsurprisingly, and running the PSU with a really high work load at high temperatures, I was surprised to find that even when the fan was working flat out, it hardly raised the noise level.

For me, finding a PSU that delivers good results at a decent price and will protect a system that could well cost in the thousands is pretty important. NZXT have managed to somehow put together something that exceeds expectations and remains affordable. If you don’t need to constantly monitor the performace (and with the quality of the product, there’s little need to) then this C750 is certainly recommended.






  • Solid build quality
  • Almost silent even under load
  • Japanese components


  • Lacks the E series power management

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