Review: Roccat Kova Aimo

Roccat adds to their Aimo lighting range with yet another fan favourite mouse, the Kova AIMO.  Thanks to its wealth of buttons, it’s most versatile mouse yet.

The Kova has always been one of the nicest mice to hold but the new altered design feels even smoother with a good indented grip on the left and right to keep hold of the mouse when gaming.


There are an impressive 20 buttons featured on the mouse, including 2 unique quick-fire buttons which can be found at the front on top of the left and right sides right next to the standard left and right mouse buttons and easily found by your fingers when resting naturally.  It’s a great idea that works really well here but Roccat hasn’t skimped elsewhere.   On the left and right in the middle of the mouse sides are 2 more programmable buttons and there’s a Titan wheel in the centre which feels so smooth to scroll with and is easy to press down on.  Under this is a button primarily used to quickly change Dpi but, like the other buttons, can be easily reprogrammed.

The Swarm software makes installation easy and allows you to reprogram all of the buttons and the lighting (with an impressive16.8 million discrete color options).  As with the Kone Aimo I usually use, you can match the lighting up to other Roccat peripherals and use a mode that reacts to what you’re doing on the computer.  Having the keyboard and mouse light up together looks stunning in lower light settings.  Unlike the Kone, the Kova lighting is more understated, though.  The lights appear on the scroll wheel and just underneath the gaps at the back of the mouse.  It’s there but it’s more subtle.

I love the feel of the Kova and it’s a great mouse for those interested in both comfort and control in their gaming setup.

Roccat Kova Aimo





  • Really nice to hold
  • Great button placement
  • Fully customisable buttons
  • Nice understated lighting

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