Review: Roccat Leadr Wireless Mouse

Roccat isn’t the first to produce a wireless gaming mouse, there are plenty to choose from, but the Leadr still manages to provide enough reason to justify its rather presumptuous name.

The main feature of the Leader is the huge charging stand you get in the box.  It stands on its side and commands a premium space on your desk.  The stand holds the mouse on 2 pins, upright, as if hanging a picture to view.  A band of five lights shows the charging status in the bottom left while the mouse gently pulses away.  The stand has a neat cable solution which means that it’s easy to hide the cable away on your desk, there’s also another USB cable included for the mouse should you want to charge it without the stand, use it wired or update the firmware.

This charging method also provides a rather impressive 20 hours use, which I tested and found to be fairly accurate.  That’s a lot of use even if you don’t put the mouse back on its cradle after you’ve finished.  Generally, though, I found that using the stand was a great way to keep the mouse safe and ensure I always had a charge.

The mouse itself is comfortable to hold for long periods, thanks to the slightly curved left side and the ergonomic shape in general.  There are a huge number of buttons to choose from and programme to your will, 14 in all.  The 2 each side of the mouse at the front are a welcome addition, with a rocker in the centre and the usual range of buttons near where the thumb rests making for easy access during gameplay.

In use, the Leadr works flawlessly, I forgot it was wireless at times as there is no lag here to be found.  Buttons are all within easy reach and quick to react to presses.  The only thing against the crowded button layout is the occasional slip of the finger, resulting in the wrong button being pressed, during the first few days of use.

As you’d expect from a modern gaming mouse, the Leadr features a 12,000dpi sensor, with adjustable dpi to suit your needs and an easy switch between modes.  The features and programmable buttons are controlled by Roccat’s already well-used Swarm software which provides a very simple graphical guide to the control layout, as well as being able to control the lighting, with anything from breathing to pulsing. It can even co-ordinate colour schemes with other Roccat devices, which is a nice touch.

The Roccat Leadr gets everything right in terms of a wireless gaming mouse, smooth movement, responsive set of buttons and a good 20 hours between charges.  The unique stand and the ability to easily set up buttons for each game makes this an easy recommendation.


Roccat Leadr Wireless Mouse





  • Excellent feel
  • Good 20 hour charge
  • 14 programmable buttons
  • Interesting charging dock


  • Dock might be a little large for some cramped desks

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