Tech Gift Ideas 1: The Tiny Drone – Revell Nano Quad

On the lead-up to Christmas we’ll be looking at a few ideas to help you buy something special for the tech-head in your life.  First up is this tiny little drone with a tiny price.

The Revell Nano Quad (£14.99 Argos) is about as small as drones get, only 4.5 cm wide and weighing only 11.5g and the built in gyro helps to keep flight fairly stable despite the tiny propellers.

IMG_1117As with all Quadcoptors, the device comes with 4 propellers and a central area which stores the battery and the electronics.  Unlike others I’ve tested, the Revell model keeps everything pretty tidy and tucked away. The pack also comes with a 2.4 GHz-Transmitter, a USB charging cable, a set of spare blades.

While we like slightly larger quads, such as the Eachine, with their prop guards to keep them a little safer, the Revell doesn’t have guards, so you really need to be careful flying this around other people.  It does, though, have pretty cool red and blue LED lighting to help you keep track of it in lower light, not that you’ll be taking this outside unless it’s a perfectly clear day, it’s designed as an indoor drone, though it does fly well with no wind around.

IMG_1115Also bear in mind that the smaller the drone, the harder it is to control, so we recommend the Revel for experienced drone pilots or those who don’t mind a steep learning curve.

So why do we recommend this drone?  Well, for one thing it’s on a great offer at the moment at Argos.  If you grab this drone before the end of December at this link then you can pick it up for just £14.99, that’s half the retail price.

Secondly, despite the learning curve, this is a well made quad with a short recharge time (we counted 20 minutes recharge for a 3-4 minutes flight, which isn’t bad at all for something this size) and once you’ve mastered the controls it can turn and bank pretty fast, allowing you to do some great aerial maneuvers.

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