Conan Exiles forthcoming expansion will be even harsher

Conan Exiles is getting a whole new environment. The Frozen North sets to bring the colder climbs to Conan’s world and, along with it, a much tougher survival experience.

The content promises improved combat, a revamped loot system, over 300 new items, two new dungeons and a whole lot more. It releases on August 16 as part of the second phase of Early Access and also coincides with the Xbox One release of the Early Access game.

Expect the harsh environment to take its toll on your health but also provide a new bunch of predators and wildlife ready to make your job of surviving that much harder.

But it’s not all about the snow and ice, the free update will also provide more activities like beekeeping to keep you busy in the warmer lands.

Releasing August 16 and kicking off phase two of Early Access, The Frozen North will be available on both Xbox One and PC via Steam.


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