NZXT Puck is a useful tool for those pesky headsets

NZXT have been in the PC case business for quite a while now and have more recently branched out into various peripherals. The Puck is a useful tool that you didn’t know you needed until now.

For many PC Gamers, a case is already either a logistical nightmare to place or something that needs space around it to show off the mods and bright LEDs.  That leaves little space for other bits and pieces lying around your desk or cables dangling all over the place.

The Puck is NZXT’s answer to both issues and can be bought in a range of colours to match or contrast with your case.  Using magnets, the soft rubber square comes in two parts, splitting in the middle so you can either use the pieces as two ‘hangers’ or together.  It also has a large gap running through the middle all around the square, allowing the Puck to be used for headset cables or other external cables coming from the PC.

As it’s magnetic, the Puck can be placed anywhere on a metal case (which should cover pretty much all of NZXT’s own cases).  It’s strong enough to hold my own heavy wireless headset on one piece, though I prefer the look when the whole square is fixed together.

The Puck can be picked up for around £20 from most online retailers in various colours, including Amazon.

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