Preview: Monster Energy Supercross 3

Milestone’s Supercross simulator is back and it’s put on a new suit ready for the big event.

The third game in their Supercross series already looks like a big improvement in terms of visuals, with more realistic, cleaner character and bike models and plenty of floodlighting reflecting off those indoor dirt tracks.

The game aims to provide a fun semi-simulation experience for those who are into their bikes and so far the preview version has shown that they’re certainly on their way there. From the single player modes on offer at this early stage the game feels far weightier with better physics and chunkier bikes.

The graphical upgrade helps, of course, providing rider models that look more like the real thing, even if they don’t always move quite as much as someone flying through the air on a powerful piece of metal perhaps should. Performance is thankfully solid too, even on the GTX 1060 laptop, which acts as a minimum testing ground for 1080p gaming these days, though I haven’t had a chance to check out any multiplayer to see if it still stands up there with multiple real riders.

Fans of the US bike-based motorsport should keep an eye out for this one, if they can provide a more robust Career mode then it’s well worth taking the upgrade over the previous game.

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