Retro roof fighter Roof Rage launches on to Switch

There aren’t enough roof-based fighters in the world, so I welcome Roof Rage with open arms.  Roof Rage is a Martial Arts Platform Fighter featuring epic rooftop battles.

The game, by one man developer Jérémie Klemke, AKA Early Melon features a great 16bit chiptune soundtrack by Pentadrangle and a distinctive look that straddles retro and modern aspects.  It launched on Steam back in June with great reviews from gamers.

Roof Rage is designed for co-op, with couch play up to 8 players plus 1vs1 online on the Steam version and being worked on for the Switch port.  The game has 13 unique characters, a solo mode (arcade) where you can unlock the boss character, local match including stock, team, score and practice mode.

Roof Rage launches on the Switch eShop on 16th October.


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