Review: BenQ EW2775ZH 27 Inch Eye-Care Monitor

We normally review gaming monitors, but what happens if you really need a 27″ monitor for a more budget-friendly price?  Enter Benq’s EW2775ZH with eye-care and colour balancing technology.



The monitor looks really smart with a thin bezel all the way around and buttons hidden under the bottom right hand side.

The button placement is a little bit of a pain depending on whether you’re standing this flat or in an indented space. I’m not a big fan of hiding the buttons underneath monitors and would rather have them on the side, but they do their job, at least, and the power button has an easy to see green light when on.

Ports at the back are easy to reach in a single recess and include 2 x 1.4 HDMI, D-sub‎/VGA and a headphone/speaker out port.  It’s not the most up-to-date monitor for connecting to a PC, but having 2 1.4 HDMI ports for a monitor in this price range is still a nice touch.

EW2775 ports


Performance and Screen

Brightness Intelligence Technology and Low Blue Light Plus Technology are the special features on this screen, helping to reduce eye strain while retaining a good colour depth.  This isn’t some marketing speak, either, it does actually work and I’ve certainly found a difference in eye strain after using this for a good couple of weeks.

The colour settings do require a bit of fiddling around in the menu to get the monitor set up well, but that seems to be the case with many of the monitors that we’ve tested recently, as the technology gets more extensive, the setup often gets more complicated and this BenQ set is no exception.

Gaming performance on PC was noticeably not as good as the last few monitors that we’ve tested, mainly because this has higher response times, but it’s certainly still within acceptable limits.  The G2G time is still down at 4ms here, which is good for a standard monitor and playing at 1080p/60fps very little difference will be noticed, so budget friendly gaming is certainly possible.  The monitor could benefit from console gaming, in fact, where TVs often provide a much higher response time, so this would be an improvement.

Overall Impressions

The BenQ EW2775ZH has some useful health benefits and is a good buy for a large 27″ monitor for those not interested in super fast response times or higher refresh rates.  While it’s not built for PC gaming, it’s a great choice for 1080p gaming on console.

BenQ EW2775ZH 27 Inch Eye-Care Monitor





  • Blue light reduction does make a difference to eyes
  • Good viewing angles
  • Nice thin bezels
  • Good value for money


  • Difficult to reach buttons
  • Higher response time than a gaming monitor

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  1. How is the text reproduction and pixelation? Is it fine if we sit little far away from the monitor?

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