Review: BenQ PD2700Q Designer Monitor

Like the GL2706PQ we reviewed earlier this month,  BenQ’s PD2700Q is another large screen monitor which uses the same design and 1440p panel but is aimed squarely at the CAD/CAM, art and design market.

This 27″ monitor uses an IPS (In-Plane Switching) Panel to provide a better colour range and improves over the 8-bit colour on the GL2706PQ’s more basic TN panel.  Conversely, this means that response times are slower, 4ms compared to the TN panel’s 1ms, so not really ideal for gaming.

With a 2560 x 1440 (1440p or QHD) resolution, the large screen provides a massive step up from standard HD. Even providing the higher resolution for desktop use immediately gives you more real estate for your applications and browser but, most importantly, is ideal for large scale photo and video editing and CAD work.

Inputs provide a good range of connections to choose from, one HDMI  1.4, two DisplayPorts covering both sizes, three USB 2.0 ports, with two on the base used for downstream and one for input.  Headphones and line-in are present, as you’d expect from any modern monitor and it does have the benefit of speakers, though they’re only 1w and unlikely to shake your walls even with the loudest bass playing through them.  But give the expected use of this monitor,  speakers are just a nice extra.

The screen is slightly larger than our last BenQ at 417.32 x641.0x239.65 with the stand at its lowest point, and the stand’s base is smaller but equally as good as keeping the monitor steady.  The black bezel around the edges is thin and finished in a matt paint so doesn’t reflect.  It’s a fair weight, but once placed on a desk, BenQ’s knowledge of how people like to adjust their own monitors comes in to play with a very versatile pivot system that can turn the whole screen 90 degrees or move very far up and down (up to 120cm) thanks to the sturdy back of the stand, meaning that it should be a comfortable fit for different height tables.

The 10-bit panel impresses here, and while it only has a contrast of 1000:1‎ (which we actually found to be a little higher) and a brightness of 350cd/m2  which actually resulted in better colours and deeper blacks than we were expecting.  Even with out-of-the-box settings, the  PD2700Q is impressive for an IPS panel. Sticking the red and green levels down a tiny way really improved the picture quality, too, so is worth playing around with.

60Hz is the maximum expected refresh rate for panels like this and could cope with gaming at a push, though the response time, 4ms but felt like more, is a no-go really.  It’s certainly fine for the intended target audience in the art and design world, though.

As far as 27″ IPS displays go, the PD2700Q is a great choice for those looking for a professional feeling monitor for CAD or photo design at a decent price (currently around £365 at last check).

BenQ PD2700Q Designer Monitor

BenQ PD2700Q Designer Monitor


8.0 /10


  • Good colour range
  • Clear IPS panel
  • Ability to tilt 90 degrees
  • Flexible stand


  • 4ms refresh rate
  • Lack of wide gamut RGB color space

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