Review: Roccat Kone Aimo mouse and Kanga Gaming Surface

Ten years ago, Roccat first produced their first Kone mouse which set itself apart from other mice due to the RGB illuminated sides.  Fast forward to now and we have the new Kone Aimo, the latest in their line of illuminated gaming mice and their best model so far.

The Kone Aimo has a : 50G Optical sensor providing up to 12000 dpi and speed of up to 250 inches per second, this is a seriously smooth mover, ideal for gaming.  Add in the 11 programmable buttons and it soon becomes clear that the Kone Aimo is ideal for PC gaming.

The design has been made with ergonomics in mind and the top area, where the thumb rests, needs very little movement to swap between buttons and the illuminated scroll wheel, also doubling up as a third button.  Unlike some other mice, the scroll wheel is the only rubberised element of the mouse and this makes it easier to keep from wear and tear.

The optical mouse sensor is dubbed an ‘owl eye’ sensor and gives us the impressive dpi range, changeable easily via the up and down dpi switches below the scroll wheel.  In shot, it’s very accurate and very smooth in terms of movement.

Buttons are really easy to click and you can feel exactly when they connect, allowing for accurate button presses.  The whole setup is programmable, even programming lights for different functions, through the Roccat Swarm software that offers a control centre for all Roccat products.


Of course, a mouse without a decent surface isn’t going to perform all that well, so alongside the Aimo and others in the range, Roccat have designed a great surface to go with it. The Kanga surface is a top quality highly smoothed surface with a rubberised base and eye catching logo which works really well alongside the Aimo mouse. The Kanga comes in three sizes, mini (265 x 210) the mid (320 x 270) and XXL (850 x 330).  The build quality is excellent, preventing the loose elements you get from some mouse mats after they’ve been in use a short while.

Roccat Kone Aimo mouse and Kanga Gaming Surface

Roccat Kone Aimo mouse and Kanga Gaming Surface


9.0 /10


  • Great illumination which works alongside your game
  • Tactile buttons and scroll mouse
  • Ergonomic design feels comfortable after long use
  • Good range of easy to change dpi settings


  • Installation of software is a little fiddly at first
  • Only right hand use

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