Review: Speedlink FIERIS Illuminated Mousepad

Remember when mousepads used to come free on magazines and curl up at the edges?  With mice now more sensitive than ever and with a larger and larger dpi, it’s certainly important to get the right mat.

But why not have a little fun at the same time?  Speedlink certainly think you should be able to match your mat to an illuminated setup and have come up with the FIERIS pad, a good quality mousemat which has light up edges.

They claim that the pad has pixel-perfect gliding accuracy and is optimised to handle any setting and sensor resolution which is, to be honest, hard to refute without extensive testing.  It does, however, work perfectly and allows any of the mice we’ve tested (inlcuding the current favourite Roccat Kone EMP) to glide smoothly and accurately across it.  We’ve tested with games and art software, where drawing shapes and lines can instantly show any issues with precision.

The 255 x 355 size is larger than non-gaming mats for a good reason.  Gamers need plenty of space in which to move the mouse and this seems like a perfect size, though larger mats (some a lot larger) are certainly available. The rubber backed underside is good enough to prevent slipping on most surfaces without being sticky.

The only downside is that you’ll need to find a spare USB port for the light to work, though the best option is if you can use a USB hub which would also allow it to take its power from the hub and not the PC.


Speedlink FIERIS Illuminated Mousepad

Speedlink FIERIS Illuminated Mousepad


8.5 /10


  • Smooth control
  • Good grip on most surfaces
  • Great light feature


  • Light does show up some frayed edges
  • May not be to everyone's taste

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