Review: Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Roccat know how to bring style to PC peripherals, as their previous Vulcan keyboard and Kain mouse have shown.   The new Vulcan 122, a refresh of the range, takes this a step further by creating a beautiful white and aluminium design which really stands out.

The Roccat Vulcan 122 is not so much a wardrobe refresh as it is a full costume change at a David Bowie concert.  Alongside the new white Kain and Kone range of mice, this is a statement for those who want to stand out.  Brushed aluminium is offset against the white keycaps, floating above the clear bases housing the mechanical switches. RGB lighting is free to flood out from the base and bathe the keyboard in light, much more so than a traditional keyboard with keys that stretch down to the base.

The older Vulcan 120 was no slouch in the looks department but the white design seems to work so much better here.   This is finished by the optional hand rest, a slim slice of white plastic that clips on to the base of the keyboard magnetically.  Outside of the looks the keyboard retains the amazing Titan Switches, Roccat’s own patented switch mechanism that feels great, has great response time but also a softer sound than a traditional Cherry switch.   These switches are 50% lighter than standard and it helps to provide a more cushioned feel to the keys while retaining their punch when it comes to contact.

Roccat’s Swarm software not only keeps drivers up-to-date but configures these light settings into a range of patterns or provides an AI controlled option that takes inputs from both keystrokes and software to provide an interactive set of colours to match your actions.   At one point puddles of light followed my fingers as I typed, another set of colours appeared while playing Far Cry New Dawn or matched the screen when shutting down the PC.  It’s often more subtle than you’d imagine but always pleasing.

While extra media keys have been kept to a minimum there are several buttons on the top right and a dial that can control lighting or volume, which is welcome.  The rest of the keyboard is kept top a minimum to avoid clutter and even the keyboard edging is thin and minimal, with that optional rest only adding to the size.

Function keys and the numerical keypad are well spaced and comfortable to type with for someone used to touch typing, it does take a little getting used to the key tops if you’ve come from a more traditional keyboard but it soon becomes second nature, especially when you realise how impressive the switches are.

Even without the added RGB AIMO lighting, this is a beautiful keyboard to type on or game with, it’s an impressive feat for Roccat to beat their Vulcan 120 in terms of looks but they’ve done it here with style.  The feel of the keys are comfortable and travel is great, up there with the best of the mechanical keyboards out there.   Both of these would be ideal keyboards for gaming but in terms of looks the Vulcan 122 AIMO has it all.


Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard





  • Same amazing feel from the switches
  • Perfect design
  • bright and easily programmable RGB lighting
  • Plenty of Macro options


  • Expensive

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